Who is this “Liana Buszka”?

This Indianapolis based illustrator has a passion for comics, striving for the most effective narrative imagery in each panel and page layout.

Liana illustrates for passion project LUPINA, a comic brainchild created with writer James F. Wright. In 2018 they contributed artwork to the comic anthologies Comic Book Slumber Party: Escape From Bitch Mountain and Mine! : A Comics Collaboration to Benefit Planned Parenthood. They occasionally obtain the privilege of illustrating Indianapolis courtroom hearings. In addition to these projects, they enjoy painting in either watercolor or oils. Their traditional medium of choice is ink and a brush.

After a full day of drawing, they enjoy refueling with a delicious home-cooked meal, or a special occasion Big Bowl of Ramen or Pizza with Vegan Cheese. They enjoy Satoshi Kon films, heavy lifting and long walks with a tall poodle.